Advantages and disadvantages of private tuition essay

Thus, in a nutshell the tuition syndrome is the net result of a number of causes and attitudes. This makes for a full justification for the prevalence of the system and a boost is given to the tuition syndrome. Hence, for low income families, private tuition may be too costly to afford.

The child will become dependent for the education because of the tuitions. Every student has his best learning approach- students can be auditory, kinetic or visual learners.

It has often been noticed that, the teachers do not care to even finish the set syllabus in the class room as it is meant to be. Though people think that tuitions are good, there are a lot of disadvantages of tuitions.

For instance, tuition fees may be as costly as one thousand dollars per term! This is a waste of time because the child learns almost the same things that are taught in the school.

They can also pick up valuable skills such as time management as they have to juggle between school work, co-curricular activities and private tuition. The teachers, parents and the children are all full to the brim with the craze for taking tuitions and giving tuitions and the syndrome flourishes unabated.

Therefore private tuition really proves to be too stressful for students, and in the long run, it may not only take a toll on their mental health but also their physical health.

Therefore, by attending private tuition, students can learn more effectively through various methods.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Tuition

To some, private tuition is a luxury because some parents are unable to afford tuition for their children. As the child goes to the tuitions and then comes home to study, there will not be any time to rest or relax.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tuition Classes

Therefore, tuition may also be counted as an additional burden for students. They can become more self-disciplined and responsible because they have to monitor their own progress and complete their tuition homework punctually aside from school work.

Additionally, students can also understand the content-heavy syllabus to a greater degree as they are showered with more attention from their tutor than school teachers. On top of the tremendous pile of homework they have to deal with daily, students are not spared from tuition either.

Usually, students would take up private tuition if they are not coping well in school or desire to make progress in their grades.

Disadvantages of Tuition For Children

The best children are the ones who are self made. This is a redraft, so it has been modified after the feedback was given. This indifference is on purpose, to ensure that when the course is not finished, or what has been taught has not been understood, the children will be bound to go for tuition.

This can lead to deprivation of the chance for the child to be a self made person who is independent. In order to make way for tuition, students have no choice but to relinquish their precious resting time. Tuition Centres are opened all over and the mushroom growth of these centres is being encouraged by all concerned.

For slow learners, they can benefit by learning at their own comfortable pace and catching up with the school syllabus. One of the disadvantages of tuition is that it may be too expensive.

Given the hypothesis that, there always were weak children and brilliant children the system of giving and taking tuitions has taken up to new dimensions to an all time high.Search Results. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Private Cars.

spur both in industry and in economy in China, the number of people who own private cars is on the rise. Private tuition can be a financial burden to parents who are Essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Tuition by Reena J Such a sea change can be witnessed in the attitudes of people that.

http://3e Having private tuition also has 1/5(1). The advantages of private tuition are that students can learn through different methods and learn values. The disadvantages are that private tuition may be too expensive and it is stressful for students.

Essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Tuition

Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Tuition Essay UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level * 0 2 1 5 8 3 0 0 9 3 * MATHEMATICS (SYLLABUS D) Paper 1 Candidates answer on the Question Paper.

Essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Tuition Article shared by Such a sea change can be witnessed in the attitudes of people that, it is very obvious in almost every sphere of human existence. Disadvantages Of Private Tuition Private tuition makes a Child to start depend more on the teachers and the notes they gave rather than on himself, Children who take tuitions gave stereo type answers because they don’t use their own minds to produce answers rather they became machines of learning answers.

Advantages and disadvantages of private tuition essay
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