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Consanguinity often becomes a crucial issue when trying to untangle possible relationships among Medieval people. There are a couple other sites of interest and enjoy following them.

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Les Magistrats du Parlement de Paris This is a well done example of a concentrating on the "Armorial gnral" manuscript of arms for a particular region, Paris. Indicateur des armoiries des villes, bourgs, villages, monastres, communauts, corporations, etc.

Founding Fathers and Other Notable Figures of the Founding

It had many other administrative duties including the registering of royal acts to make them official. This is an inventory of seals found attached to original documents once submitted to tax courts to prove nobility. Insiders and the well informed like Doug Casey, Rick Rule, and Eric Sprott who want to protect and preserve their wealth are already diversifying out dollar-denominated assets.

Meurgey de Tupigny, Jacques, ed. Well done work on the de Jordy family based on documents from the Cabinet des titres. ditions du Palais-Royal,13 parts to date. These charts include beautifully done colorful images of the arms of the husbands and wives.

R, a major fund, has now put up a billion and a half dollars to set up shop in Calgary for the junior resource sector. This is a must consult work if you find any of your ancestors involved in the Parlement de Paris.

Sources for the genealogies are not provided. Lettres de noblesse, gnalogies, rections de comts et baronnies insinues par le Conseil souverain de la Nouvelle-France.

To be a notary and secretary of the King was important because the position carried ennoblement for the office holder and his descendants. When they are available online he provides a link.

Expert Warns of Hyperinflation: “The American Way Of Life Will Be Destroyed”

This book identifies the Canadian holders of this honor and the date they received it. This have become a very useful tool, but keep in mind he does not trace these families roots back in France.

This little book presents drawings of the arms of the top nobility mostly from Paris and Ile-de-France.

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You should use his dictionary because he includes citations and it is more recently updated. His wife, Kay was a local English lady and I remember one of their children was a son name Ray. His chapters dealing with nobility, heraldry, the peerage, and the royal household are superb.

Page de garde,Fooliotage, Dictionnaire gnalogique des familles du Qubec des origines Bertrand not only cites medieval cartularies, he includes the relevant parts in his appendix. Lastly, it ends its coverage in The authors also mention the sources for their information including manuscripts at the Bibliothque nationale de France.

Gaa-Gau This work provides summary information about the important noble families of France. Nevertheless, he sometimes has information that is not otherwise available. Centre Gnalogique de Paris, Click here to subscribe: The last two volumes contain transcriptions of proofs in the first two volumes.

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The introductory material in these volumes is an excellent explanation of the arms tax and the history of the "Armorial gnral. When Jett finds a line leading back to France he includes several generations based on the information he had available to him in Now available on CD from GeneaGuide. Kind of a shame that the fondest memories come so many years later.

Inventaire des concessions en fief et seigneurie fois et hommages et aveux et denombrements conservs aux Archives de la province de Quebec. I prefer "real" mail vice this digital stuff. And if the petro-dollar finally does die, the American way of life is gone.Founding Fathers and Other Notable Figures of the Founding on We can learn from the wisdom & actions of those who helped create the USA.

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Bird parliment essay
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