Library assignments

How does campaign financing affect the final decision? Find a specified number of sources. Have them act as responsible patients by investigating both the diagnosis and the prescribed treatment. Similar to the above, have students follow a particular foreign policy situation as it develops.

Write a biographical sketch of a famous person. Like a research paper, students will have to narrow and broaden accordingly.

Learning objectives and Information literacy outcomes for this assignment: Search for information in specialized subject encyclopedias, reference Library assignments, books and articles to determine how your topic has changed over this time period.

Opening an assignment envelope requires a minimum number of library points, and each envelope contains between one and three related assignments, where only one will be randomly selected.

Samples of library research assignments

Develops skills to evaluate information based on source. See Library assignments page for the process of putting items on reserve. Generally, two or three students will check out all of the materials related to that topic and the remainder of the students become frustrated by the lack of available resources.

This is a good exercise in critical reading and in summarizing. Assemble background information on a company or organization in preparation for a hypothetical interview.

Quite often students will come to the Reference Desk with only an author or title, or an incorrect volume number, and it is time consuming for the student and the librarian to track down the desired document.

Scavenger hunts do not teach students how to conduct meaningful library research, and they promote learned helplessness. All the books may soon be checked out.

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Students use bibliographies, guides to the literature and the Internet to find primary sources on an issue or historical period. Ask students for feedback on the assignment; their comments will give you the opportunity to improve the effectiveness of the assignment. See the list below for alternatives!

Use biographical dictionaries, popular press and scholarlys sources, and books to find information about the person. Each hunter can only have at most one assignment at any point of time, which will show up on their Special tab.

Wikipedia has robust guidelines, suggestions, and steps in the planning process, as well as links to ongoing school and university assignments, here: Write brief evaluative annotations.

This is the reverse of the two assignments above. The assignment can limit the acceptable content to scholarly articles written within the last ten years, or it can be broadened to include chapters or excerpts from monographs and significant older materials.

Use clear language to define the task: Tips for a good library assignment Information Competent Students Assignments that require the use of library materials can utilize skills beyond those necessary for just locating information. They may also do an oral presentation about the research to a particular audience of non-specialists.

Determine the adequacy of a psychological test based on the literature about the test.

Library Assignments

Develops skills in searching using alternative vocabulary. It is possible to complete multiple research tasks in a hunt if the requirements are fulfilled. Samples of library research assignments Annotated Bibliographies Sample Assignment: Emphasize the use of SCC library resources.

Do not hesitate to contact a librarian if you need a complete citation. The assignment can be limited to one or two articles, or it can be more extensive.Assignments that require the use of library materials can utilize skills beyond those necessary for just locating information.

Effective library-based assignments can also promote critical thinking by requiring the student not only synthesize the information, but to evaluate why a particular source is appropriate and reliable.

Try to avoid assignments that: Require all students to research the same topic, especially if it is a narrow topic that the library has a limit number of items.

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Swiss Ave. Library Assignments were first started and completed on 9 Augustthe same day that the Crystal Library was released. From 9 to 22 Augustthe Zurreal Research envelope was not available, and instead gave the following message.

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Library assignments
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